Mikhail Y. (Misha) Wolfson

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My career has spanned multiple fields and roles, unified by the common theme of developing technical solutions to challenging problems. I am at my best when I get to combine my technical depth in physical chemistry, computational biology, machine learning, and software development with thoughtful communication and creative, collaborative problem solving to grow ideas into successful projects.

I'm currently a Manager of Government Business at Ginkgo Bioworks, where I develop partnerships with U. S. Government institutions to solve pressing challenges with synthetic biology and expand Ginkgo's bioengineering capabilities. Before moving to the Government Business Unit, I was on the Software team, where I helped build Ginkgo's internal software tools.

Prior to Ginkgo, I worked at athenahealth, developing electronic health records software to help doctors provide better care for their patients.

I received my Ph.D. in computational immunology from the Department of Chemistry at MIT, where I was a student and graduate researcher in the research group of Arup Chakraborty. In my research, I applied a diverse repertoire of theoretical tools from the physical sciences to study interesting problems in immunology. I have also taught discussion and review sessions for both undergraduate and graduate school physical chemistry courses.

Before graduate school, I attended the University of Wisconsin—Madison, where I majored in chemistry and computer science while studying the biophysics of proteins and nucleic acids in the research group of Professor Qiang Cui.